Saturday, August 30, 2008

Roof Leaks

Let’s imagine that it is raining heavily outside and you are sitting cozily on your favorite sofa with a cup of coffee but suddenly a drop of water gets into your coffee cup. Now what is that…oh no roof leakage! But it is important not to panic and to realize the roof leaks can be repaired, often with low expenses and minimal time commitment. All you need to do is to follow some very simple roof leak troubleshooting guidelines.
The first step is to control the interior damage as soon as possible i.e. cover your furniture with a plastic sheet if it cannot be moved from its place and relocate electronic equipment, such as TVs and computers immediately.
Then try to discover the source of the leak. Some very common places for roofs to leak are chimneys, wall step flashings, skylights, fields of shingles, plumbing vent flashings, low spots in the roof, ice dams and missing shingles. Clogged or improperly installed gutters also lead to roof leaks which will cause water to overflow over the back and leak along the inside walls and inside the home.
After the identification of the roof leak source comes the repairing phase. If the source of the leak turns out to be as simple as a missing block of shingles due to a recent windstorm, the solution may be as simple as replacing those missing shingles else a proper roofing professional is needed to be consulted for the leak repair.
Even when the leaks are not occurring, instead of waiting for the leakage to occur and then doing the repair work, inspect the roof from time to time to prevent leaks and damage. The ideal time to go for the roof inspection is spring because of its fair weather and also due to the fact that it immediately precedes winter, which is often troublesome for many roofs. It is also a good idea to have the roof inspected after a heavy rain or heavy snow, and after serious weather phenomena such as hail storms or hurricanes. It is also important that gutters be properly cleaned in order to prevent a buildup of rainwater, ice or other debris that may lead to added weight and damage. By performing such preventive techniques, you can make your home a safe place for yourself and your family with no fear of roof leakage.
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