Thursday, February 19, 2009

Extend Your Roof Life

When last time you have inspected your roof? Does your roof have leaks? Do you know how leaks can damage your roof? Has the roof had leaks in the past? A proper maintenance program depends on such data in order to make repairs efficient. Inspection records need to be kept with all your other roof information so you can determine a reasonable and diligent inspection schedule. Having all roofing documents and records organized properly will help immensely if you need to have the roof inspected or surveyed by professionals. It will also save time and lower the cost of the inspection, avoiding costly data duplication. If you have the roofing warranty papers, you can claim of your roof. Different companies offer different roof warranties. Most common is for 2 years. So if you inspect your roof regularly, have your roof maintain for leaks and other damages you can save your self from BIG maintenance cost.

Roof Leaks