Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Physical Properties of Liquid Rubber

The physical properties of Liquid Rubber(R) are typical of its EPDM chemistry. The outstanding characteristics include:

Extreme high resistance to penetration of water. Ultra Violet and Ozone stable. Excellent long term aging properties.

  1. Very broad temperature tolerance range (from 300 degrees F to minus 62 degrees F). Acid and alkali resistant.
  2. Withstands ponding water even when not cured.
  3. Spreading Rate A 20 mil dry film will result when liquid is applied at the rate of 42 sq. ft per gallon on a smooth surface.
  4. A rate of 45 sq. ft allows for average roughness.
  5. Weight/gallon 8 pounds (mixed).
  6. Tensile 680 psi.
  7. Elongation 180-200%.
  8. Brittle Point -62 degrees F.