Friday, May 1, 2009

Roof Designs also affect Roofing Problems

When you start to consider different roof designs, the most obvious thing most people look at is the shape and style of the design. Does it match the shape and style of the house? Will it fit with the general style of the neighborhood? These are both very important considerations, but there are other factors to consider as well. Roof design has a huge impact on how a house looks, but it also has a huge impact on how much a house costs and what kind of maintenance will be needed over the life of the roof.
Roof designs that are simple and have few intersecting surfaces are the easiest to install and are perfect for houses with a simple design. They are the least expensive to build and require the simplest maintenance over the long run. Gutters are easier to install and maintain on simple roof designs and there are few clog points, valleys, and other spots that need to be cleaned and maintained to prevent leaks. A simple style of roof is extremely functional and practical. The street appeal of your home will be strong if the roof is in good repair and the rest of the house is neat, tidy, and has attractive landscaping.
Roof Designs
A roof design that is more complex is more expensive to build and requires more expertise to install. It adds tremendously to the attractiveness of the home, though, as well as to the amount of maintenance and other work that is required. For instance, a complex roof with many corners, turns, and different lengths requires custom gutters to ensure proper drainage. You will need to clean those gutters regularly to prevent clogs. The many valleys and connecting points of the roof surface will require regular maintenance to make sure they stay water tight.
Complex roof designs do add a lot to the value and overall appearance of your home which will increase it's street appeal. When you think about roof designs for your home, remember to take into account shape, style, cost, and long term maintenance needs.
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