Thursday, October 1, 2009

Application Instruction for Liquid Rubber

Liquid rubber is far superior to other forms of adhesives, and is able to fill in moderate sized pipe leakages as well as cracks. It can be bought in a clear liquid form as well as in a silicon-type version. If you are looking to purchase liquid-rubber for your home, you should look for the stuff that has "EPDM" on the label. This type of liquid rubber has extra adhesive power and will be better than most other types of liquid-rubber.

There are Following Step involve in Liquid Rubber Application:
  • Surface preparation
  • Coverage:
  • Mixing Directions:
  • Application:
  • Temperature and Cure Conditions:
Surface to be coated with Roof Coatings should be clean, dry and structurally sound. Fasten loose areas with adhesive (contact cement) or pop rivets. Oil or wax must be completely removed with solvent. Remove loose portions of existing coatings and brittle caulk with scraper and wire brush. Whatever still has good adhesion may remain to be recoated. Rusty or pitted metal should be wire brushed to remove loose oxide. Tightly adhering corrosion may be directly coated with EPDM Liquid Rubber®.

EPDM Liquid Rubber® will cover up to 46 square feet per gallon on a very smooth surface. Normal coverage is 40-42 square feet per gallon on an average substrate. The required 20 mil film thickness will be achieved when the above spreading rate is used. If you are uncertain how to calculate the amount of material you will need, please contact EPDM Coatings at (866-311-3736) M-F EST.

The container is under filled to allow for the addition of the pre-measured catalyst that is included. A drill, and a mixer (shown below) will be needed to incorporate the catalyst. For a 1 gallon can a short mixer will suffice. For 4 or 5 gallon pails you MUST use a long shaft mixer.
The catalyst will be inside the box for 1 gallon and 1 gallon repair kits. The catalyst will be located under the lid in 4 and 5 gallon pails.

Mix rubber material in can/pail until uniform; center mixer shaft in pail or can and begin mixing until a vortex is formed. Slowly pour all of catalyst into vortex. Move mixer up and down and in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes until all portions of can/pail are uniformly mixed

EPDM Liquid Rubber® may be applied at any temperature that permits it being spread onto the surface. It will waterproof immediately upon application. The solvent will evaporate at a rate governed by temperature but will not be affected by relative humidity. Exposure to freezing temperatures before cure has taken place will not damage the film. The time necessary to reach cure should not be a concern as this process will occur automatically. Exposure to sunlight will accelerate the curing process. The final film properties of the cured membrane will be the same regardless of the time required to achieve cure. EPDM Liquid Rubber® will provide long term protection even under extreme exposure conditions.

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