Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Repairing a Built Up Roof

A small roof repair job for a damaged section of a built up roof is easy enough to carry out. The basic idea is that you cut out the damaged section and then replace it with a new piece of asphalt. To carry out the procedure correctly, the following steps should be observed:

• First, sweep away all the dirt and gravel from the damaged part of the roof.
• Use a box cutter knife or a utility knife to cut out the damaged section. Use a straight edge and make sure the damaged section is cut away cleanly, so that you are left over with a square hole in the roof. Make sure that you cut away all the damaged layers, right through to the bare wood if necessary.
• Now, using the roofing roll or asphalt shingle roll, cut a new piece that is just slightly larger than the damaged section that you cut away.
• Spread some plastic roof cement into the area that you just cut out the damaged asphalt from, and make sure it spreads out and over the edges. Place the new patch of asphalt into the gap and use roofing nails to nail it in place.
• Cut another patch of asphalt from the roll, this one a little bigger than the first patch you cut out. You are looking for an overlap of about 2 inches.
• Spread more roof cement on the first patch you have already laid, again spreading it out past the edges.
• Lay the second asphalt patch onto the first one, making sure it overlaps on every edge. Again, use the roofing nails to secure it.
• As the cement starts to set, brush the loose gravel back over the new patch.
• To be extra sure the new patch is water tight, apply some liquid roof coatings around the edges of it.

Your built up roof should now be fully waterproof again and ready to serve you once more. However, if problems or roof leaks persist then it is definitely recommended that you get a professional roofer in to have a look.

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