Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Liquid Roof Is A True Epdm Rubber

Liquid Roof is a true EPDM rubber and therefore could be described as a liquid version of the single ply EPDM membrane which has been established as an outstanding performance record of over 30 years. The EPDM chemistry has two unique features not possessed by any other rubber -it is unaffected by ultra-violet and ozone, and can tolerate continuous exposure at temperatures over 300 degrees F. The latter feature is also what gives EPDM rubbers the best aging properties [retain flexibility longer] of all the elastomers.

Liquid Roof is the only EPDM product currently in the market. It is priced higher than the Acrylics but this one disadvantage is more than outweighed by Liquid Roof's performance advantages and nearly total absence of conditions, which can result in disastrous failures. Many roofs will pond water. The gulf states all experience sudden afternoon showers. The northern states experience rapid temperature drops late in the day during Spring and Fall. These kinds of situations might only result in minor cosmetic surface distortions to the Liquid Roof® while the acrylic coating-based products could be partially or totally destroyed.

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