Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keep your roof from leaking with Liquid EPDM

Roof leak repair doesn’t have to be scary. There are tough roofs to work on no doubt. Attempting roof repairing on a steep slate roof repair should be left to the professionals. The same is true for metal roof repair or even tile roof repair. These are tricky materials to work with. But you should be able to successfully do home roof repair if you have a low-slope roof, a cool day and the right attitude.

The most important factor in any roof repair job is which contractor you choose. A good roofing contractor will check the area surrounding the leak in your roof for any sort of water damage. They should be able to let you know whether or not there is rot or water damage present, and whether or not it's bad enough to need repair immediately. In today's economy, cost is another important factor for roof repairs. There are many types of roofs here in Miami, and each type is going to have a different price range for repairs depending upon supply cost and availability of experienced contractors.

The cost of roof coatings is typically about 50% of that of re-roofing and the benefits are very tangible;

·         substantial reduced cost over re-roof
·         reduction in cooling costs with 80% reflectivity
·         years of longevity given to the existing roof
·         minimal disruption to the work environment during its application
·         minimal waste going to landfill
·         annual reduction in cooling costs as high as 22%
·         no toxic odours or vapours
·         ease of future repairs
·         no increase in roof weight load
·         reduced long term maintenance and roof repair costs

Roofs may need replacing for several reasons. It may be leaking and be more economical to replace rather than repair it. The roof may not be working correctly or does not look good. Another reason for replacing the roof may be because you are extending your home and want the roof to look fully uniform.

Several factors come into play and impact consultants’ decisions regarding the end of a roof system’s useful life. Thermal bridging, proper drainage, R-value, surface color, wind uplift, and hail resistance are all important factors to consider. When every¬ thing is taken into account, consultants are faced with two primary choices when addressing an aged Liquid EPDM roof besides a complete tear off and replacement: restora¬tion and re-cover.

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