Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Importance of Roof and Development of Roof Industry

With the passage of time, many things in the world have changed and many things are still changing. With the increasing facilities for research and increased thinking abilities, the change is inevitable. Same is the case with the roofing. Over the years the importance of a house having an appropriate roof has significantly increased. It is now the concept that the sale value of your house is largely dependent upon the appropriate type of roof. For example a house in an area that has snow fall in every winter, must have a slanting and steep roof over which the snow must slip off. A house in such area with a flat roof may not have such value as that of a house with the slanting roof. Going one step ahead, two houses having the steep and slanting roof, the one with the pretty roof is always desirable. That was just an example to show you that how important the roof is for the beauty of a house.

The oldest form of a roof is the flat roof which is still widely in use. But over the passage of time there came a lot of designs and now there are probably more than 12 to 15 designs of roof that are in use today. To give these designs more value and a beautiful and stylish look, there is an increase in the roofing material, which at an earlier stage was just concrete. Now you can have a roof made up of asphalt shingles, wood shingles, slate, tiles, metal, fiberglass and many other materials. Each material has its own qualities and each add something of value to your roof. At the same time, there may be disadvantages of such roof as well, as metal roofs are highly reflective that cause the global temperature to rise.

The roofs made up of materials mentioned above are very costly. Some require high maintenance and some require to be changed after a specific period of time. To cater to this problem certain protective materials are introduced that protects the original layer of the roof from the effects of weather made up of any of above mentioned material. One such type of material is roof coating. The roof coating is applied on the top of finished roof and it protects the roof from the rain, and intense sunlight. The prime advantage of such materials is that, they protect the roof for some time but they also deteriorate, but you have to change only the protective material, not the whole roof. Such type of maintenance is much less costly than changing the whole roof. So these materials increase the life of the roof. One of the major problems that most of the roofs face with the passage of time is that, there may develop a leakage in the roof.

To address this problem, roofing industry came up with certain waterproofing materials that solve such problems. The coating mentioned above also serves the purpose. One of the other such products is liquid rubber Coating that seals the edges and unions of different roof parts thus making it waterproof.

 Now energy efficient roofs are also available that keeps the inside of building cool thus providing significant annual savings in energy budget. Examples of such roofs are cool roofs and green roofs.

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